#DontWasteMyTime 2022 Planner Template


The #DontWasteMyTime Planner was designed with YOU in mind – you, a working professional. You, a college student. You, a business owner. This planner will help you create a clear plan for your time, and with a clear plan comes a clear mind – one focused on the present, no longer thinking about the past or the future. You will learn and embody the philosophy of #DontWasteMyTime. This 39-page template allows you to reflect on 2021, while strategically plan for 2022!!! My original plan was to have a full printed version of the 2022 #DontWasteMyTime planner available for you to purchase. Sometimes we don’t like to talk about how things didn’t go as planned, but often sharing the process gives us a sense of comfort and a reminder of how we continue to move forward. I’m so happy to share this format with you and be in this intentional planning mindset together! This digital version will give you a sneak peek of what to expect in the 2023 hard cover planner.


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