CT LIVE – Chylinski Media’s first TV appearance!

Danielle Chylinski has made her debut on TV officially as the Owner/Founder of Chylinski Media today (me,hi!) 🙌🏼✨ Thank you @taylornbcct, @bradltv & @nbcctlive for having me today!!!! Doing TV things representing another company/brand is one feeling, but being able to do it representing yourself is another whole damn vibe… especially when it’s hosted by a woman! So there’s thisContinue reading “CT LIVE – Chylinski Media’s first TV appearance!”

Remember that this reality still seems so new and recent to many. . .

This was my last photoshoot that I did for the Hartford Yard Goats before we had to work from home (*this wasn’t a photoshoot pic, this was a ~let me hop in a pic of all of us so I can post a thank you to the parents for allowing me to do a shootContinue reading “Remember that this reality still seems so new and recent to many. . .”

Dear Social Media, Where the F do I Start?

Let’s talk about Tuesday.✨ (January 19, 2021) I ended the day with talking to 4 of you back-to-back about how you can better utilize social media as a tool to leverage whatever is is that you want to do, but you continue to hold yourself back. Reasons people are hesitant to more FWD on “socialContinue reading “Dear Social Media, Where the F do I Start?”

2020 Chylinski Media Clients!!

I started my business Chylinski Media, LLC at the end of January 2020, started taking clients in March. It began as a fun side project, then turned into a full-time job….. all because of you! Any and every interaction that I had led me here to this! THANK YOU to everyone who has supported this journey. I’mContinue reading “2020 Chylinski Media Clients!!”

holy sh*t what the f*ck has happened to my life

I’ve been trying to reflect on 2020 but I just have so many words and emotions. I came across these photos from Colorado in July a few days after my 25th birthday. I told myself every day for like 1 million days in a row this year that I was going to go and doContinue reading “holy sh*t what the f*ck has happened to my life”

one hundred invoices in 2020.

100 INVOICES!!!!! Last night marked 100 invoices sent for Chylinski Media (chylinskimedia.com)✨ Between 1-on-1 strategy calls, monthly social plans, to long-term contracts, brand revamps, new websites launched & logos created…. we’ve landed here together! Being able to reach & assist businesses during this time has been so inspiring. Asking for help isn’t easy, and I’mContinue reading “one hundred invoices in 2020.”

add this to your closet, let’s twin

Chylinski Media crewnecks are here!!!!!!! You asked, I delivered (well technically my brother delivered to my doorstep). 😌🙌🏼🤍 You have given me so much meaning behind my business, sharing what it represents & means to you. I’m so excited for you to be reppin’ & embodying your inner ~chylinski media~ vibes from your home, yourContinue reading “add this to your closet, let’s twin”

Be with someone who appreciates your company.

Dec 2017. Find someone that you can date and call your best friend. Who can help you study for an exam, someone to quiz you because they care about you getting good grades even if it means they have to miss their afternoon nap. Who will go on late night milkshake runs with you. WhoContinue reading “Be with someone who appreciates your company.”