June 30. Episode 88. The Red Bra Project.

Listen to the podcast version here!

“Our Red Bra Guest this week is sharing her professional journey with us and how all of the dots connected together for her as she continued to trust the process along the way especially when she didn’t have any of the answers at that exact moment!

Danielle Chylinski is a Personal Brand Advocate, Speaker, Founder of Chylinski Media, Consultant and Coach. She has a positive, infectious energy that is evident in the first few minutes of our conversation! We talk about the unknowns of navigating how to decide what to focus in on for a college degree, truly leaning into your passion(s), pouring into your strengths and what starting an online business at the beginning of a pandemic looked like for her. Danielle helps small businesses and entrepreneurs in maintaining their positive image and relevance within their communities by leveraging their social media platforms with a real, maintainable and affordable approach.

Danielle keeps it so real sharing the positive(s) of social media, that perspective has a lot to do with how one approaches social media and a few tips of how to connect and engage with an online audience. We’ve heard it many times before, but once again “Stop Overthinking” so much is a theme here that will lead to growth!

Grab yourself a beverage, relax and hit play to listen to Danielle’s story, gain so insight into the wild world of social media and find inspiration in truly living and showing your authentic side! This is the PERFECT episode for the person who is trying to figure out what is the “next” chapter in their book, for that person who may be struggling with social media or someone who just needs a little motivation to get “unstuck” (we’ve all been there!) Please share Danielle’s story with someone in your life that may need it! Thank you for being here, we appreciate you so much!

Xx, The Red Bra Project”

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