This is 26. What does that mean?

26 — A friend reached out on my birthday @ 10pm & said “Is everything OK? I haven’t seen you on social media or anything just checking in.” Everything was great, actually incredible. I spent the day living in the moment, extremely hungover, buying & moving things into my new office w/ Alex. — Social media posts aren’t meant to be planned or scheduled or curated so far in advance or so deep in a moment. They’re meant to be social. My “social” was directly in IRL. It was reflecting on the past 25yrs of my life. I was reflecting HARD on how much people have been commenting on age to me recently.

“Ms, how are you drinking? I didn’t even think you were 18.”

“It’s so refreshing talking to someone younger than me but doesn’t seem younger than me.”

“I think it’s just bc your age that you responded that way. Me and my friends that are older do it this way.”

*while I’m at work* “I’d buy you a drink but I don’t think you’re old enough.”

“Wow, you’re really mature for your age. Good for you.”

“They’re probably older than you. You’re def still in college.”

Incorrect. How people act is directly a correlation of the experiences that they’ve had, what they’ve been through, how they’ve learned to handle certain situations, and what they decide to and not to tolerate. It’s not bc of age, it’s because they haven’t had the same experiences as you. They don’t have the same intuition as you do. They don’t value the same things. There comes a certain time when age is blurred. You are not e v e r in a position to comment on someone’s actions because of their age honestly. It’s not age/years ~lived~, it’s experiences. It’s consistently learning & growing, or lack thereof, & figuring out how you want to spend your time.

A friend once told me that no one thinks about your life more than you do & their judgements about your life are only based on how long they’ve thought about your life. Using age against people, as a tactic to get what you want, a way to make you feel better about yourself/your actions or an excuse to TRY to put someone down… not cool. SO. Cheers to 26 years of me owning exactly who I’ve become & the decisions I make. I fucking love myself because I’m me. 🤍

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