I’m back.

Shaking my head with a smile on my face, “I want to come back.” — I’M BACK BABYYYY. A new beginning with the Hartford Yard Goats starts today after being furloughed for 9+ months & having my heart and mind set on staying full-time with my business but feeling that back at Dunkin’ Donuts Park with the people that have allowed me to be me is exactly where I need to be. 🤍🌱✨ (ALSO: coincidence that the Yard Goats colors are the knockoff version of @chylinskimedia branding?😉)

Tell me you’re a social media manager without telling me you’re a social media manager… If @akarkoswasn’t available to take this, the @thebordenct staff were next in line😂🙌🏼 #WeBack#HartfordHasIt#GoYardGoats#NoGoatsNoGlory#FirstDayOfSchool#DoingTheThing#SocialMediaManager#Marketing#Promotions#MiLB#MinorLeagueBaseball#Connecticut#Hartford#SportsThings#HappyDan

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