“Once I get through these next few days I’ll be in a good place.”

We all have to agree by now that saying “I just need one more week until I’m caught up” or “once I get through these next few days I’ll be in a good place” etc. will always be where our mind wanders…

We always seem to want more, never fully calm or at peace with where we are currently at. Some will tell you it’s not good to be complacent, while others will say it’s not good for your mind to be continuously going. At some point we have to ignore what everyone else is telling us to do, and do what we feel is best for ourselves. // ~Best for ourselves~ means something different almost every single day. One day we value money over family time, while the next time we complain that we want a job where we can see our family more… the next we value always feeling like we’re running around over relaxing just to say a few days later “I just need a break” … it all continuous changes. We need to adapt to change quickly as successfully as we can 🤍

Opportunities won’t always be there. When you recognize what options are right in front of you, do what your gut tells you initially. Just doooooo ittttttt. Trust your wandering thoughts the moment something is presented to you. – – Before you let all the overwhelming thoughts and distractions make the answer for you, really allow yourself to recognize your original thoughts. 

Last week was a my fake finals week, a week where I set up projects that I wanted to get done that I continue to carry over a month after month. YES a week where most got done, but some is still on a random list somewhere. As I reflect on the days earlier this week and into tomorrow, I’m excited to do the “things still on my list,” not because I have to, but because I want to.🤍

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