I do.

Sometimes we just need to give ourselves a reminder that we know what we’re doing because we DO know what we’re doing.

F imposter syndrome✨ — That feeling of being super confident one day and so unsure the next is such a roller coaster. It happens daily, sometimes hourly, minutely (if you read that and you’re like ‘minutely, huh?’ … listen to episode one of @coffeedatewithd). I wrote this little blurb to myself at the beginning of March on the page in my planner that has my monthly clients and potential clients. 

✔️ Doing it again for April – YUPPPP

What do you do to keep yourself in check!?

#FWithMe #YouKnowIGotIt #ImposterSyndrome #ConsultingServices #SocialMediaMarketing #TrustYourself #CoachingIsCool #AccountabilityIsh #Confidence #SelfConfidenceForever #NothingLess #SmileBecauseYoureYou 

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