New things happening everywhere!!!

Chylinski Media, LLC was announced to the world a year ago in March 2020. The last 365 days went nothing as expected, but I honestly wouldn’t change a thing. A LOT has been learned within a full year! 👀

A reminder we shouldn’t need a reminder for: PERSONAL BRAND. You need one. 

Another reminder we shouldn’t need a reminder for: The word social in “social media” is there for a reason.

I have grown to become such a strong advocate for people to manage and engage on social media directly within their businesses & themselves, rather than fully outsourcing. (Or maybe I just got tired of having to overexplain to people why they haven’t gone viral yet? IDK) While social is a great marketing tool, it is a great reminder that we are all human, not robots. 

Anyway, I’m here to be the other half of your brain when it feels all $%^&* when it comes to social media. As my company continues to shift and expand… & to help make life easier/more fulfilling for all of us, I have revamped and organized my services to serve as a stronger resource for you! 🤍✨

With that being said, I’ve been continuing to learn and understand where and how I want to spend my time, and who is by my side. I’m making room for new things – – some updates:

– The @coffeedatewithd Podcast will now have new episodes ONLY on Mondays at 6am to get your week started RIGHT. 👍🏼

– I’m no longer taking on clients to fully manage their accounts (see website for all the deets)

– I’m in the process of hiring a few freelancers to grow, enhance & embody my mission to work alongside of me ❤

– An accountability course of some sort is happening (sooooon!!!!)

– I’ve been working on a project very close to my heart since the fall!! TBD on when I share more details. I value your input and would love to hear some of your stories when it comes to my brand, Chylinski Media & Coffee Date with D (Keep an eye out, I’ll have a post on how you can share feedback)! 

– A weekly newsletter is in the near future!!!!!

S/O to current monthly clients for making this all possible! THX always for your support — #InThisLifeTogether #DontWasteMyTime #AReminder #SmallButBigBusiness #MindYaBusiness #IHadChipsToday

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