Thanks for having me, University of Connecticut!

 University of Connecticut graduate course COMM 5900 Professional Communication, we had FUN. Thank you for sharing your personal branding stories, and allowing me to share mine!

Thank you for having me Rory McGloin! Each student shared their story in less than two minutes, and I had the opportunity to give my feedback, give some examples and share tips or touch on things the class might not be thinking of. Rory said, “share whatever makes you happy.” And that’s exactly what we did.

We talked about the idea of “delaying the professional world,” self-awareness, what’s learned in the classroom vs. out, COMM classes vs BUS classes, how to stay emotionally grounded.

And much more since this went on for a few hours… Thanks again for the opportunity Rory! #ProfessionalCommunication #PersonalBranding #UCONNBusiness

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