CT LIVE ✨ Recognizing Communication Preferences — What is right for you?

CT LIVE✨ Recognizing Communication Preferences — What is right for you?

🤍 Thank you for inviting me back! 

People are understanding and exploring more of how they want to communicate on a regular basis whether it’s call, text, zoom/video, email, social DM… all the things!!

People have created ~well some people~ parameters around what they can tolerate versus not tolerate – mentally, physically & emotionally. 

Setting boundaries for how you communicate is very important. You know, we know that we’re all home so we really can’t hide from these interactions too much.

Work and play seem to blend together. That’s why I feel like we need to recognize what our current personal communication style is, and ask those who were working with what there is.

I don’t think there is enough conversation around our different styles, and how we operate best, but we need to take ownership. 

In general, before COVID, I think a lot of us already felt overloaded. And now we’re learning that yes it is possible to feel more overloaded than before.

You are in control of your time and how you want to spend it and I think we forget about that a lot… Whether you own your own business or you work for a large corporate company or nonprofit, you are still in control and you don’t need to let anyone run your time. It is a conscious choice that you are making, or not making. No one else is.

Be kind to yourself, take breaks from communicating if it feels like way too much.

Decide how you work best, and what it looks like when you feel your best. Recognize that it is your responsibility to share with those you’re working with how you operate.

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