(this is the glass @morganolsonn references in my latest episode of @coffeedatewithd)

We’re calling this a last day of January IPA so I deserve one that’s 8.2% at 5:30pm on a Sunday, the night before a work day (snow day). 

If you really look at it, we all got the things that we said we wanted following March 2020, the things we said when we complained about what we had in the moment prior to March. We finally got to work from home, spend more time with family at home, have more time to work out or do fitness related things during the day, and make time to meditate or do more yoga. We were no longer put in positions where we had to continuously say yes to things we didn’t want or try to find an excuse to say no to plans. The roles reversed on us. Saying no to plans were suddenly cool and saying yes would (insert madness here).  We got the things, but not under the circumstances that we were hoping. 

Let this be a reminder for us all that we always want a lot of things, things that we cannot get instantly, but when we get them, it may make us feel a different way than we thought it would. Living in the moment is all we have, and all we really ever need. 🤍

2020 seemed so far out of reach, yet here we are a year after itWe made it. But for many of us, we barely made it. But, #WeMadeItTo2021. Even though January 2021 has given us 2020 vibes, we continue to push forward. Cheers to February 🍻✨🙌🏼 #IPAGirlWhoDis #CovidTimes #QueenBeers #InThisLifeTogether 

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