CT LIVE – Chylinski Media’s first TV appearance!

Danielle Chylinski has made her debut on TV officially as the Owner/Founder of Chylinski Media today (me,hi!) 🙌🏼✨ Thank you @taylornbcct@bradltv & @nbcctlive for having me today!!!! Doing TV things representing another company/brand is one feeling, but being able to do it representing yourself is another whole damn vibe… especially when it’s hosted by a woman!

So there’s this whole idea around your personal brand and people FREAK OUT when they hear that they need to “create a personal brand.” The concept has actually been around for so long, it’s just now more highlighted and talked about because social media has given us all these platforms to authentically be ourselves and highlight who we are however we choose to. 🙌🏼

2020 has shown us that our jobs aren’t as secure as we may have thought, and things can happen that are out of our control. So the important thing to do right now is focus on what is in our control… AKA our personal brand. Who are you when you’re not attached to a job title or a company?

In general, my biggest piece of advice is to just share your experiences. There is someone out there waiting for someone like you to post something that they can relate to. Go for it. You never how your story will impact someone or who you’ll attract. 🤍 

The last 10+ months have been so hard. SO HARD. For all of us. I may or may not have bawled my eyes out after watching this segment live 😅😭😂

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