Remember that this reality still seems so new and recent to many. . .

This was my last photoshoot that I did for the Hartford Yard Goats before we had to work from home (*this wasn’t a photoshoot pic, this was a ~let me hop in a pic of all of us so I can post a thank you to the parents for allowing me to do a shoot with their kids LOL). It was for the kids jersey giveaway nights for the 2020 season.

Shortly after, we learned the severity of Covid & that working from home for a week really was about to turn into forever, with a season postponed and eventually cancelled, leading to more than half of staff to be furloughed. AND an excessive number of staff across the entire country in Minor League Baseball.

Today, the Yard Goats announced that Dunkin’ Donuts Park will be used as a COVID-19 vaccination site beginning in January.  Everyone is continuing to push forward in the best way that they can.

As a reminder, strong change is happening while a handful of people continue to live their lives per usual and a significant amount of people are still struggling to get out of bed every day and find their purpose. While we’re almost coming on a year of people working from home, being furloughed and laid off… remember that this reality still seems so new and recent to many. 

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