Dear Social Media, Where the F do I Start?

Let’s talk about Tuesday.✨ (January 19, 2021)

I ended the day with talking to 4 of you back-to-back about how you can better utilize social media as a tool to leverage whatever is is that you want to do, but you continue to hold yourself back.

Reasons people are hesitant to more FWD on “social media things” and reach out:

— it’s overwhelming 

— don’t know where the f to start 

— which platforms should I be on???

— idk if I’m meant for video context

— is it really worth my time and money???

Talking out all of these things in your head and understand what works best for you is a lot simpler then it is. The hardest part is committing to accepting change.

#CreateChange #ConnecticutImpact #SmallBusinessHelpingSmallBusinesses #HelpOneAnother #TalkOutTheStress #LikeTherapyButBetter #TakeActionToday #SocialMediaConsulting #TalkItOut #WomenInBusinessThings #SocialMediaConsultingServices 

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