holy sh*t what the f*ck has happened to my life

I’ve been trying to reflect on 2020 but I just have so many words and emotions. I came across these photos from Colorado in July a few days after my 25th birthday.

I told myself every day for like 1 million days in a row this year that I was going to go and do a photoshoot of myself so I had pictures to use for social, since in the past I’ve been used to just being all over the place always getting random pictures, & sharing my journey.

Most of my journey this year was spent inside in leggings and sweatpants, the complete opposite for what 2019 looked like for me.

But this “photoshoot” was a real one, the ones I align with. Random pictures smiling so much because I really just wanted chicken nuggets… and got them😁

Overall, this was the year of talking shit, the year of judging and comparing, the year of consuming so much content, the year of making excuses for ourselves & others. Imagine blaming a whole 365 days on a year — “2020” — It’s cute to make jokes about it, but by continuing to put it into the universe, it’s doing nothing but continuing to make more excuses for ourselves. If anything, this year gave us all permission to do things that we’ve always complained about never “having enough time” to do… things that we may have never had to courage to do otherwise.

I’ve had trouble writing a 2020 recap bc ‘holy shit what the fuck has happened to my life’ is the only thing I can think about daily so this is the best that I have for now. 🤍 #HappyDan #TakeYourPowerBackNow #2020Things #YouAreInFullControl #YouAreTheBestThing #Wendys #ChickenNuggetsPlease #CantDoAllTheThings #YouDidYourBest #ComfortZonesDontLiveHere #AWholeVibe #2020Recap #2020Reflection #MyBrainHurts #TooMuchThinking #ReflectAndAnalyze #LiveYourLifeItsYours

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