one hundred invoices in 2020.

100 INVOICES!!!!! Last night marked 100 invoices sent for Chylinski Media (✨ Between 1-on-1 strategy calls, monthly social plans, to long-term contracts, brand revamps, new websites launched & logos created…. we’ve landed here together! Being able to reach & assist businesses during this time has been so inspiring. Asking for help isn’t easy, and I’m honored to have had so many people ask me how I can help them on their business journey, personal journey or working journey…. and commit to making a change in their lives, supporting their goals.🤍🙌🏼 Now taking new clients for January!!!!! HMU. In 2020, we learned. In 2021, we  e x e c u t e  accordingly. 

#InspireChange #InspireChangeInLife #MoreCoffeePleaseAndThankYou #TimeToRefill #CommitToYou #CommitToYourGoals #LotsOfNotes #NotePadsSaveLives #SocialMediaAgencyServices #SocialMediaImpact #ConnecticutBusiness #WearingJeansWhoDis #NeverEnoughCoffee #ConnecticutBusinessOwner #RiseAndThrive #RiseAndThrive2020 #RiseAndThrive2021 

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