working out, truths?

September 2019:

People have been asking me what keeps me committed to working out bc lol everyone knows I usually don’t. I’m better seen as drinking and eating anything & everything 

But HONESTTTTLYYYY I just realized now post grad that this is it. This life can be whatever the f I want to make it. I have so many opportunities so many choices, so many decisions…. as we all do. We get caught up in life, but don’t get caught up enough in ourselves… bettering ourselves, loving ourselves.  

I’ve always been fortune enough to have a mom who lives every day like she’s fab and I’ve just slowly followed in her footsteps not bc I want to or whatever, but bc I see the influence in her daily life and how she lives and how she feels and how people respond around it.

I said: are you guys like psyched about life or what? The response was no I have an exam tomorrow, or I didn’t get much sleep last night. The answer should be hell ya I’m bettering myself every day I fucking love life.

We’re trained to get caught up in the bs and that if we love ourselves were conceited or self centered. Hell no fuck that I’d love to clone myself if I could right now bc the energy that I feel and the excitement I have is so hard for people to understand. 

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