When 2018 ended…

December 2018

A MESSAGE FROM OUR CEO: We are sad to announce that Danielle Chylinski, our Communications Manager, spent her last day with us last week.

Danielle took on a large role within the last year at the Alzheimer’s Association CT Chapter, and her authentic leadership style has impacted the organization in such a positive light. Her energy, confidence and motivation has left a mark on us all!

Danielle has helped significantly with streamlining our events Harvesting Hope & Celebrating Hope, and much more.

As a social media expert, Danielle has worked directly with our staff & volunteers, teaching them how to effectively use social media and the positive impact it can have on our community. Her passion to get stories out about those impacted by Alzheimer’s disease has increased our following significantly, expanding the awareness for our programs & services. Danielle has increased our impressions & overall social media following on all platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

Danielle has also brought on and managed over 10 successful interns this year that have helped us tremendously! 

We are wishing her best of luck with her new opportunity!


It’s the last Friday of 2018… time to let my reality set in. I celebrated my last day working full time at the Alzheimer’s Association Connecticut Chapter last week! I have met such amazing people, and have built so many strong relationships along the way. The energy, love and commitment of those who work and volunteer for the Association is incredible. Shout out to my interns that have worked with me throughout all 2018- you are incredible. Thank you to everyone that always has, and continues, to support me. Ready for my next adventure in 2019!

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