Talk by Dr. Steve

December 2, 2018

  • Notes from a random even/talk by Chiropractor, Dr. Steve Judson
  • “us” –> all leads back to ourselves
  • You can always be better
  • Sit passively – 10%
  • Patterns determine success
  • When you’re succeeding, what’s going on?
  • Comfort zone is a scary place to be
  • Never want to meet the person that we could have been
  • “It’s not the thing, it’s how we think about the thing”
  • No such thing as a bad __, only a bad mindset
  • All human behavior is belief driven –> there isn’t enough money
  • You are never going to out earn/out sell/our perform your belief system
  • 2 kinds of beliefs (1) empowering –> “you know you can” “theres no way” “watch me” (2) limiting
  • goal: produce better results
  • If you don’t produce with better results… food–> fat, no job –> poor
  • You don’t have enough drive to the point that you’re obsessed with it
  • Wake up being obsessed with it
  • We know what to do, we can’t always get what we want, we do through what we know
  • Only reason we don’t take action is because were not reaching our highest potential
  • Human potential is limitless
  • “I’m going to die” if I run a 4 min mile
  • Understanding it could be done, to knowing it is possible
  • Know it in your heart, not just in your head
  • Why do we say we want/are going to, but we dont? –your belief system
  • When your results fail, “I told you so”
  • Take two hours a week
  • Negative success cycle –> habits
  • “I ate healthy for 1 week and it didn’t work”
  • “Were either stinging like a fine wine or a stinky cheese”
  • Associate a lot of pain to old behavior, and a lot of pressure to new behavior

To change:

1) Compelling reasons “do my kids need to eat”

2) Change limiting beliefs to empowering — “if someone can, we can”

3) Emotional state –> learn how to control and manage

People get in the habit of putting blame. But really, who’s in control? We are.

I need a coffee, then i need to clean my desk, hey its cinco day mayo somewhere
 -stop talking, let’s do it.

  • Discipline/will power –> force yourself
  • Telling yourself “I can be so much more” should just amp you up
  • I am not producing results that I want to produce
  • Can change it all in a weekend
  • Clarity is power

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