Dec 19, 2019 – 7:42pm

One year ago vs now.  Looking put together on the outside vs. feeling put together on the inside.

The biggest difference? Doing things on that long term to do list that always seemed impossible and so far away. Deciding to say “what I want for myself is important, more important than anything else in my life.”

Feeling exhausted but overly excited. Not knowing how to control emotions or anxieties. It’s not glamourous and perfect like people like to make everyone thing. This shit is fun though, I can tell you that.

A year ago, I spoke at wnec to student leaders about how they utilize social media to promote the events that they tirelessly put effort into.

When I asked “how many of you promote your events on your personal social media platforms”, about 3 out of the 50 students raised their hands.

Why? Fear of judgement? Fear of not being ‘insta worthy’? Fear of not being cool? Fear of not enough likes? … fear of their own personal struggles.

Every day people are pouring their time and energy into things that they’re so passionate about yet aren’t confident enough to even back up what they’re doing. Or show that they’re proud of what they’re doing. 

Why would someone go to something that you’re “so passionate about” but you’re not even expressing it?

Ended the session w saying that starting RIGHT NOW they no longer care about likes- in their personal life or professional. 

And of course if their friends don’t share & support what they love bc they’re “too cool for school events”, they need new friends… but that’s a whole other story.

Moral of the story: People are looking at your content whether you’re getting the instant gratification from a comment/like or not. Don’t worry about the numbers. What you’re sharing matters & is making an impact regardlesss.

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