Be with someone who appreciates your company.

Dec 2017.

Find someone that you can date and call your best friend.

Who can help you study for an exam, someone to quiz you because they care about you getting good grades even if it means they have to miss their afternoon nap.

Who will go on late night milkshake runs with you.

Who will go to the library with you even if they have no work to do.

Someone who will stay in with you when you’re not feeling well to watch Netflix, or even just because.

A person that you can call in an awkward situation and just talk about nothing to pass the time.

A person that asks what you want for dinner and what time you’ll free.

Someone who calls you when they’re at the grocery story to ask if you need anything.

Asks if you want a Dunkin delivery.

Someone who wants to see you be healthy and motivate you to work out.

Who thinks about you with every little thing.

Who offered to pay for your lunch just because.

Who drives you to class when you’re too lazy to walk..and then picks you up.

Can blast music in the car and jan or be completely silent and so content.

Someone who wants to see you be a better version of you.

*funny to see how you think in college vs. after

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