“I’d check with x first” – NO, hb you just cc into this email chain

Oh yes. Let’s talk confidence for a quick minute.

Okay- so you’re sending an email to someone asking a question.

EX) Is this the right sponsor logo for this type of graphic?

And the response you get is “I think so, but I’d check with xxxx first.”

HOW ABOUTTTT NO. The correct response is to cc the person that would have the answer, and either re-ask the question or ask them to see the first email and give insight/a response.

Save time & prevent eye-rolling.

There is noooooooooooo need to respond with “check with” someone else, if you can simply just cc them into the conversation. BECAUSE, if you don’t I will, on that exact email chain..

That’s all from me 🙂 Have a great night!

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