We’re not walking degrees, we’re people that are much more than surface level.

Something I’m very passionate about, lol.

Anyone else just—


I enrolled in college as ‘undecided’ to avoid math classes. I had no idea what I was good at or what I wanted to do, I just knew that I did not want to do math. So, that dropped me in the arts and sciences bucket. But still having a somewhat business-y mind, I ended up majoring in communications with a concentration in public relations…. which led me to my minor of integrated marketing communication.

With my minor being in the business school, that meant I would be taking some classes with business students. 

I quickly realized is that life in the school of arts and sciences was much more open to people answering questions that may be wrong or asking questions to help them better understand what is going on.

So picture me — a student that was used to talking out loud answering questions that the professor asked and asking questions when I was confused, etc.

Then, picture your average business student that I experienced — Afraid to raise their hand, afraid to ask a question if they were confused, and would only answer or speak up if they 110% knew they were right. 

Now picture me in a class with all business students and myself. 👩🏻

And then picture the professor asking me a question about the reading that I did not fully read bc *too many business words that I’ve never heard before / very overwhelming*

As you can imagine, I tried to answer the question with context clues and additional information, knowing it was not gonna be the exact answer he was looking for. 

One of my best friends (at the time), a business student, LAUGHED OUT LOUD bc apparently my answer was so obviously wrong that it required that kind of response(???). (Oh ya, this was senior year as 21 year olds, not baby freshmen). 

This is why I say f your business degree. 😊 

We’re people first before we’re robots trying to be ~perfect at everything~ // there’s a difference in people, trying to be yourself or trying to be like everyone else. If you cannot be open enough to ‘not judge’ other people and their ideas, and have open conversations which always lead to new be bigger ideas, I’m not impressed by your degree. 

We’re not getting school paid for, we’re paying for it. We’re not walking degrees, we’re people that are much more than surface level.

p.s. you don’t need a business degree to own & run a successful business ☺️

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