Treatment of people man, it’s so important.

****Chipotle Experience****
*not about the service, but about trash treatment of employees by a male customer & his wife

I was early to pick up my food, so I saw this entire interaction…

Cute, young girl, assuming high school/college age: “Hi, what can I get for you?” 

Guy, older middle-aged male with his wife: “So you’re not gonna say hi welcome to chipotle?!” *insert babbling and flailing arms (as if she did something wrong or out of the ordinary)*

*wife laughs*

Guy: “Try it again, try it with me – Welcome to Chipotle. What can I get for you?”

*Girl stands their awkwardly*

Guy: “Go ahead, try it.”

Girl: “Hi welcome to chipotle.” *face turns red*

Guy: “There you go.”

*****girl finishes making the first part of the order, and now the guy is onto the next employee for selecting his toppings*****

Next girl, also cute and young (and obviously wearing a mask): “What would you like?”

Guy: “Why aren’t you smiling?”

Girl: “I’m wearing a mask you can’t see my face.”

Guy: “I can still tell.” *laughs, and so does his wife.*

Girl: *is over this guys bs after just watching how he treated her friend* “I don’t smile. Ever.”

Guy: “What why? How? And you have a job?”

Girl: *explains herself*

I’ll just stop there bc I’m shaking typing this and my heart is racing so fast after just being a bystander of that entire thing. 

I went up and talked to the girls once the guy and his wife left.

I’m not going to go on and on about what should have not happened / how to treat people / the madness behind this… you’d think it’d be obvious… especially during a time like now…..????

In situations like this, I usually can’t hold back and I always step in. But with this one, I was honestly almost in tears to see this guy treat these girls in this way, while his wife just stood there and supported/laughed the entire time. 

It’s like I was in that place for a reason and to share this. If you resonate with this in any way, do/take what you need from it. ***Especially in 2020, especially during the holiday season, especially during the middle of a pandemic, especially *insert all of the other thousands of reasons*.

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