Why we don’t care about likes

Okay, if you are still on Instagram and you’re complaining about not getting a lot of likes. Let TikTok be your prime example. There are so many videos that have millions of views and all of their likes all look different.

Really think about likes for a second. By someone liking something, they’re are supporting what you’re doing and what you’re saying. 

Their mood changes every day so that also obviously  impacts how they’re liking content (and LOL… people don’t always want to be nice or support phappy people).

We don’t care about likes.

We want to focus on the insights and what’s showing up in the back end. **LOOK AN ENGAGEMENT** Keep your eyes out on click thrus, views to your profile, clicks to your website, etc. 

You could be thriving on the back end, and it may not look like it because on the outside you only have a few likes.

It’s not cute to be someone that gets caught up in how many likes you get.

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