An adorable tee for an incredible farm

Shout out to @feliciasfarm.tucson for sending me this adorable tee, stickers & farm-made lip balm with fresh herbs / coconut oil / olive oil / vitamin e!!

Working with Cathy from Felicia’s Farm has been incredible. The farm thrives and runs on volunteers, but since Covid-19, it’s been tough for them, so they, like many other small businesses, have turned to social media. With a few glo-up tips & tricks, they are feeling confident in posting & continuing to share their message across various social media platforms. 

How it started: The founder was inspired to help his community and honor his wife’s memory by growing and donating fresh food to the thousands of people in Tucson, AZ who struggle every day to get enough healthy food to eat. Each week, Felicia’s Farm donates an average of 700 pounds of produce and 170 dozen eggs to a local soup kitchen, helping 1,300 very low income and/or homeless people have better food to eat.

Learn more at ❤

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