Anyone else binge #SocialDistance yet?

It hits almost every type of feel that you’ve had during quarantine.

It’s 1 season of a bunch of short episodes. It hits on self worth, feeling lonely, #coping with being alone or distant, how communication has changed, and SO much more.

E1: Being alone / FaceTiming anyone and everyone / breakups / posting like crazy on social and people watching you spiral publicly

E2: Having to host/attend a funeral via zoom with your family 

E3: The balance of working, taking care of kids & sick loved ones

E4: The #relationship struggle when one partner is working working working and the other is laid off / lazy / hard to be around

E5: Having young kinds and trying to explain to them about a parent being sick

E6: Being retired… & now what?

E7: The addiction of teens/young adults trying to get attention via tiktok/snap chat, changing who they are, posting things that don’t align with them on their social presence and edit how they look on apps

E8: Talking about race in the #workplace 

Watch it, your mind will be 🤯

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