My awkward intro on my LLC instagram page, saying hiii I’m Danielle btw.

Saying hiiiii to my new followers!

For those that have been haunted by the social media algorithms and may not have seen by initial posts months ago…

I started my own business back in January, Chylinski Media, LLC!! After being furloughed with the Hartford Yard Goats back in June, I’m basically “on hold” with them, and have decided to fullllly commit to me & my business!

Here’s a little intro, but I would love if you took a stop at my website too:

– – – – – – – – – –

Hiiii, stopping by to say hi!!! I’m Danielle Chylinski, founder & owner of Chylinski Media! I’ve been so #BLESSED since my company became an official LLC back in January!

Side note: The POWER of a strong network is a REAL thing. After launching, I learned how many of my connections have small businesses and how I could help them expand/grow/all the fun stuff.

Some things about me that no one asked for:

xx Grew up/still live in CT (it just kind of happened)

xx Received my BA in Communication Public Relations from Western New England University

xx Previously worked for a non-profit, then executed all marketing/promo/social for the Hartford Yard Goats (furloughed🤘🏼)

xx I love people that are real, authentic, and aren’t afraid to look ~dumb~ or make mistakes (as my mom would say.. ain’t nobody got time for that LMAO)

xx Gimme all the coffee & lettuce in the world … I’ll be happy forever

xx This company started because I just REALLY wanted to use all of my social media / PR / comm skills in every and any way possible to assist small businesses, post college/college students & working professionals who want to highlight themselves more on social media.

xx I type how I talk… so sorry if you hate it. My mom tells me how sometimes my “grammar is off.” It’s not. My grammar is great, I just often choose to break rules.

If we haven’t personally connected yet, say what’s up. If any of this resonates with you, or you’re looking for a go-to social media helper on your shoulder always, it’s me. Hi. 🤍

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