Stop asking people for jobs; start asking people about their jobs.

COMMON MISTAKE: You ask someone if they’re hiring (because you know, you need/want a job) without knowing anything about them, without them knowing anything about you, and then you immediately break any respect because it’s a turn off to your possible/potential “figure boss”.

Talk to the potential employer like they’re an actual person, because you know… they are. Ask them what their job is like, what their day to say duties are, how their work environment is, etc. THEN, if what they tell you seems like you’d be a good asset to their company, talk about your goals, what you’re good at, what you’re hoping to learn in a new position, how you could be a great fit for their organization. LET THEM tell you what opportunities they may have, and what your next steps could be. And if they don’t, that’s okay. Stay connected with them on social channels, be active on their feeds, and follow up sometime in the near future.

You wouldn’t share a crouton off your salad with a stranger, but to someone you met a few times, know what they’re like and what they stand for, you may even give them two.

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