“Danielle, we need you. You have to run.”

I remember being told “Danielle, we need you. You have to run.” In the back of my head, every piece of self-doubt was happening…

I can’t run meetings.

I can’t manage a group of people.

I can’t be a sophomore leading seniors.

I can’t wear khakis that often. 🤪

I can’t give up my week nights.

I can’t commit to something this big.

I can’t speak to large groups.

 I can’t. I can’t. I can’t.

And then I did. I ran for president of Student Senate for a private University serving 3500+ undergrad students.

I did it. I committed. I made time. I set expectations. I adjusted. I managed. I learned. I grew. I changed. I pushed through.

Not because I believed in myself, but because everyone around me believed in me, pushed me, encouraged me, and they weren’t taking no for an answer.

My CONNECTIONS changed my life, and I changed my life because I chose to trust myself.

Networking is cool. Self-doubt is cool. Building people up is cool. Let’s do it together.

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