The stories you tell vs. the stories you tell yourself

Today was an awesome day to have the opportunity to be on the panel on career storytelling  “how to tell your story” for new graduates and young professionals hosted by Valerie Gordon! (watch the full segment here)

Today was a great reminder of the importance of face-to-face (virtual) communication, and how sharing your story can be so impactful.

A few takeaways:

– It’s important to learning how to not only connect with people, but to keep the connection strong and authentic longterm. 

– Always take notes.

-People are looking for leaders, to lead themselves and to lead others. 

– You are wanted. You are needed. Do whatever you can to put yourself out there, because you never know who will find you.

– The world needs you, -You may feel you are not good enough. You may feel you cannot speak on your behalf. But you can, and once you do, things will change.

–  The importance between the stories you tell vs. the stories you tell yourself (ex) there are no jobs right now, I’m never going to get one.

–  Showcase your passion has impact in the workplace.

–  What you have to offer is needed in the workplace somewhere. You’ll find your place.

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