Skittles has a really cool Instagram page.

Last week, Belicia Montgomery, MBA reached out to me to host a call on Brand Creative & Social Media for the Women in Baseball MiLB LIFT (Leaders Inspiring Future Talent) Mentorship Program! Thank you Belicia & MiLB for the opportunity! 

A few random takeaways that I left everyone with on the call:

  • Highlighting fans, showing their faces and tagging them in posts allows them to feel a sense of connectedness with your brand while we’re all being socially distant. You win because they’re engaging their family and friends in your content, and they win because they’re being featured on a professional team.
  • Reaching out to people via DM is much more personal than sending out a mass post asking for participation in something. You’ll most likely get a response, and hopefully a response in your favor, as opposed to limited responses from a general post.
  • It’s okay to start a video series, and end it short if it doesn’t get the attention, reach or engagement that you were hoping for. Redirecting yourself and putting your time and craft elsewhere will work out better for everyone in the long run.


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