Pics or it didn’t happen is a real thing.

This is the difference between copy, graphics, time of day, and everything else going on in the world.


Post #1: Mentioned how the Yard Goats were now doing socially-distant appearances (April), with a basic graphic and some generic copy. 

Post #2: Almost a month later (May), shared a photo from an appearance that included kids and smiles.

– – – Results – – – 

Post #1: Brought in x amount of appearance requests in 1 month.

Post #2: Brought in x times 2 appearances in 1 day.

Showing experiences, real life emotion while highlighting the impact always goes much further. Examples like these remind me why we continue to bend over backwards to try to take as many photos as possible, and bring the experience to the community via social so that they’ll want it even more in person. If there aren’t pictures to highlight what you’re doing, no one knows that it’s going on, or what’s actually going on when you followed through on what you said you were going to do. #SocialMedia #Mascots #Strategy

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