“I was hired for my skills not because I have all of the answers.”

“I was trying to learn everything super fast. And then I realized, I don’t need to know everything right away. I was hired for my skills not because I have all of the answers,” Kristin shared.

I had an awesome phone call this weekend with Kristie Nardini, talking about changing industries, and trusting yourself as opposed to feeling insignificant due to your lack of knowledge in the industry.

What advice do you have for someone that leaves an industry that they’re comfortable in, but takes a job in another industry that they’re not so familiar with, but are more than capable in their new role?

For me, I came into working with the Hartford Yard Goats completely blind to sports, and Minor League Baseball. It’s been an interesting transition and when times got/get hard, I always remind myself that I’m here in this position because I’m trusted in my boss and peers that I am capable of this job. It’s been a lot of asking questions – especially because I came from a job where I had all of the answers and answering questions, to having 0 answers and asking the questions.

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