My main takeaways from Gary Vee’s 270-page deck on how to make 64 pieces of content in a day

I’ve had this deck printed for months, and finally got to it week 1 of quarantine/working from home.

Here are ‘word for word’ pages that I took away that stood out to me:

  • Memes: If you have a Mac, start by double-clicking on a photo you want to layer over a trending meme using the preview app (*if you’re on windows, you can use Microsoft paint of a similar tool)
  • Text Posts: I added a different hashtag one LinkedIn, based on how many people were following the hashtag on the platform (Ex. #Culture #HR)
  • Carousels and Slide Decks: Or as a PDF (AKA document) on Linked in (So basically, you can upload things as PDFs to make them show as a carousel where people can click side to side)
  • Podcasts: A simple way to record a podcast is an app called anchor

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