I’m learning things on Zoom calls. People are opening up. This is cool.

Recently, I’ve been hosting Zoom calls with some of the 2019 Hartford Yard Goats players and season ticket holders. I’ve been learning a lot from the players, their experiences, and their perspectives on their jobs. Yes jobs. Some people forget that them playing baseball is their job. They’ve been playing their whole life, so you walking into their workplace is the same as if they’re walking into yours. For the stadium to be filled with fans, the players are instantly awake and excited no matter what. They forget about how tired they are, how little they’ve slept on the bus the day before, and how they’ve played x amount of days in a row. Their energy is brought back to life through your energy. Through our energy. “The coolest experience that I’ve hard while playing for The Hartford Yard Goats was walking into Dunkin’ Donuts Park’ for the first time.” We’ll be together some day soon.

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