“Do you still use Snapchat?” idk

I was on a conference call talking about theme nights, that quickly somehow steered into… “Do you still use snapchat?”

Here’s what we came up with:

What it was — > Those photos that you know, no one wanted to be caught sending via text, 3 seconds, no screenshotting

To friends —> Look I’m cool and doing things I know I shouldn’t be

Post college —> Look I’m trying to be an adult… by that I mean working and maintaining a social life equally

Now —> Younger demo, taking pics of half their face having conversations. Going up to random people asking them “what’s your snap…” No one uses stories much anymore because most converted to Facebook & Insta stories. Keeping that streak alive and not breaking it.

When I was younger, I would never add a random stranger on Snapchat. However, I was working at a fair this past fall and a boy in high school came over and goes “hey, can I get your snap?” I was mortified and played the, “I’m not on snapchat”.. and he responded back with a ~ I’m lost and confused ~ look, but I was just as ~???~

So the main question — Is using snapchat going to turn into awareness and ticket revenue for those working in sports marketing? What’s the goal by using it? Is it worth spending time the resources?

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