“School is supposed to be a place where you feel safe.”

“I used to go to school to escape home. But now I go home to escape school.”

A junior in high school today told me this. Choked up, confused, let down, frustrated.

The bullying, the need and want to ‘go viral’ on social media to be ‘cool’ and accepted, unrealistic expectations, being disrespected because they’re ‘young and inexperienced’ – gets exhausting and overwhelming.

“School is supposed to be a place where you feel safe.”

High school students are very well aware of what’s going on, they are just unsure how to handle it.

“I feel bad for students younger than me. It’s only going to get worse.” What are we doing to empower our high school students? Some students that used to turn to school as an outlet, now can’t wait to go home. They can’t wait to be alone in their bedroom by themselves because that’s easier than being in a room, a hallway, a school full of people, where they feel even more alone than anywhere else.

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