*10 min convo about my non-baseball dominated job* … “What was the Yard Goats record last year?”

60 local high school students along with Junior Achievement of Hartford spent the morning at Dunkin’ Donuts Park yesterday with our Front Office Staff, learning the various roles in sports and how all of our journeys vary in how we landed here. No one had a traditional route, an easy journey, or one that makes any sense to a student that is trying to grasp what to major in when applying to colleges, and how that translates to their life after they receive their diploma.

My favorite question that I was asked after I spent 10+ minutes talking about how everything I do is pretty much non-baseball related was “What was the Yard Goats record last year?” …

*crickets, whoops*

No idea. I know that my “record” is keeping track of sold-out games. My responsibility is to push all of our games on social; breaking them down by each night, each little promotion and giveaway, targeting to all and as many segmented audiences as possible. To me, the answer to our record for the 2019 season is 51 out of 70 sellouts. (But on the record, for the record, our Yard Goats baseball team record was a winning one).

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