Branding. Branding. Branding.

I grew up playing soccer. Presenting to a group of youth soccer team coaches this weekend was pretty cool.

Within an hour, we touched on the importance of multiple platforms and targeting to various demographics. Social media has expanded where kids are being exposed and have access to social media at such a young age. Clubs can now target to them since they are extremely active and accessible… but are clubs doing so?

Looking at the outcomes that are trying to be achieved… and determining, how are you different from your competitors? Why would anyone want to be on your team as opposed to another? What does your team chemisty look like off the field? Are you building a community (attending Yard Goats games)?

And it all comes down to one thing. The easier you can make things on the user, the better. Registration, checking in, receiving and giving updates. ALL THE THINGS.

Posting strategically and planning on social media is an art and a skill that not everyone has… if it ever feels overwhelming, reach out to local high schools or colleges for interns. There are students everywhere looking for a chance to utilize their skills to better companies, and make things easier on them.

Thank you CJSA & the 2020 CJSA convention for the opportunity!

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