All Because He Took A Chance With A Direct Message On Instagram

Meet Dwayne. Just last year around this time, I posted on the Yard Goats Instagram account that Mascot Auditions were being held… Fast fwd to the night before the auditions, Dwayne sent an Intagram DM’d, “Do you have to be over 18 to be a mascot?” Quickly I replied no. Hours later, he showed up for auditions- nervous amongst the 20+ people, out of his comfort zone, but ready to do his thing.

Dwayne went to Cheney Tech, earning his welding certificate, envisioning a career in welding. February ’19 and on, Dwayne worked on “Goat Squad,” our promotions crew, assisting me with on-field promotions as well as mascotting.

Despite Dwayne’s older brotherly duties at home, he always made it to work and arrived on time- whether it was riding his bike, taking the bus, or utilizing other means of transportation.

By the end of baseball season, Dwayne decided that he wanted to apply to colleges, & persue a degree in something related to sports, comm, and mktg. ALL BECAUSE HE TOOK A CHANCE WITH A DIRECT MESSAGE ON INSTAGRAM, and because I responded timely enough for him to make accomodations to attend.

Time is everything. Opportunity is everything. Last week, Dwayne began his journey at University of Hartford. So, of course I went to do a little photoshoot!


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