We (not I, but it’s a ‘cool’ trend that people are doing) count calories. 

Ok, let’s talk food — the way we’ve changed how we consume and the way that we ‘calculate’ what’s good for us.

We (not I, but it’s a ‘cool’ trend that people are doing) count calories.

A soda 140 calories… just sugar. An American averages 32 teaspoons of sugar EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Then compared to…
A medium sized kale salad
4-5 cups of kale, also 140 calories
500% of your Vitamin C
3000% of Vitamin K
1000% of Vitamin A
Calcium, Magnesium, Protein, Fiber

How do things like this impact how we work? How we think? Move? Function? As mentioned in the YouTube video below, what’s better ‘brain fuel’ for us?

When women eat more processed food, they increase their risk of getting depressed by 60%. In Dec 2017, I would eat fast food at least 3x a week. I would workout, stop at McDonalds. Leave work, stop at Burger King. It was that same rush & high of eating ‘tasty food’ easily that many other Americans also do.

Social media is covered with jokes about eating bad, making it funny & ‘relatable,’ almost so relatable that people break their great eating habits just to join in on the negative. It’s not always easy to adjust habits, but look at the choices that we continue to make daily, and the short term/long term effects. 

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