Spring/Late Winter online ‘Book Club’ book has been picked! Join us?

@ all my little book clubbers, we back!!!!! & here’s this spring’s/late winter’s book. Available on Amazon paperback or kindle. For anyone looking to join, super easy (free & no strings attached). DM me, I’ll add you to the Facebook group. Discussion topics are posted weekly on Wednesdays @ 8pm. We break down the book by 10-20 pages at a time weekly, so a very small & realistic commitment. ✨ You can participate as little or as much as you want, and if you join then never ever, that’s ok too!!! This group was inspired a year ago in Colorado with Morgan Halloran —- we’re on book #3!

— As a reminder for people that are new or forgot, here’s how all of this works!

I have made event pages scheduled for each reading inside our Facebook group page “Self Love Book Club.” Under each “event”/each Wednesday weekly, there are pages to have read for that day’s discussion. Every Wednesday at 8pm in this main discussion area in the group page, myself or Morgan Halloran will be posting a question/discussion topic to talk about that relates to the pages that you just read. The idea for 8pm every Wednesday is to give you a way to hold yourself accountable. If you can’t make it at 8, participate whenever works best for you!

Feel free to chime in wherever, whenever. If you fall behind, or skip ahead, that’s fine too! If you’re not even reading it or have already read it, add to whatever conversation you’d like. The idea is to just talk outloud about new things that we’re learning, ask questions, and build each other.

See you at 8pm on Wednesday, January 29 for our first set of questions!❤️

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