Why don’t you think the highest of yourself?

Kevin Hart & Joe Rogan have an awesome conversation about your inner circle, how you handle certain situations, view yourself & others. Here are some key points, but it’s 100000% worth the watch/listen:

  • Do you think Michael Jordan leaves hateful YouTube comments?
  • It’s so easy to get caught up in negative conversation
  • Why your friends succeeding should inspire you rather than deteriorate you
  • Why is there a push to destroy if you could just choose to not support?
  • It’s easy to give attention to what you like, and walk away from what you don’t
  • The best thing in the world is to be a product of your own product
  • The importance in working out/training, committing to building & reshaping you
  • Your day is about you, your advantage to start off before anyone else
  • Why you need to talk and not yell when you’re angry
  • The importance of treating people with respect
  • We’re all writing a book, what’s your book look like?
  • There is so much that you don’t understand you can do
  • Never be content
  • Kevin goes into depth on how he listens to Tony Robbins
  • Making yourself better allows you to help people better
  • Why don’t you think the highest of yourself?
  • Be fine with being an open book, being flawed, etc.

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