So I asked, what’s the reasoning you think?

I just got a text from one of my mascots that assists with the Hartford Yard Goats TikTok account, my Gen Z expert that I lean on so we can thrive on this latest app and trend.

We’ve been posting videos that follow the latest trends, but we didn’t see the reach we wanted on many.

“THE PAGE BLEW UP WE’RE AT 650+ FOLLOWERS!!!!! I’m shaking, I knew that it would blow up. I’m super stoked and I’m trying my hardest right now to get the account to 1K so we can live stream.”

*a few hours later*

“10.8K… I REPEAT!!! We have gone viral!!!!!” *as we watch our followers also increase due to the views*

So I asked, what’s the reasoning you think?

And here’s the answer I received…

“There are many factors:
1) The TikTok gods gave us the ‘hype’
2) The TikTok algorithm kicked in
3) TikTok is weird and clearly videos like that blow up for strange unknown reasons”

So, overall lessons that I’ve learned tonight:
1) It’s Friday and I care more about following social media trends and numbers more than anything else which is just another reminder that social never sleeps
2) Let people run with what they’re good at and the outcome will be happiness & success 3) Drive & determination always wins

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