Let go of hanging around people that dislike the things that you l o v e about yourself

Ok, 2020 planner decided ✔️ And custom personal cover created! New planner, smaller than the one I had this year in hope to write down less junk (with no lines), and just take more instant action…

Social media has been so prominent in 2019. But social media isn’t changing us, it’s exposing us. It’s challenging what we’re capable of, what we’re entertained and distracted by. The hardest thing is shuffling through so much content and deciding what serves us most, and what we’re choosing to expose ourself to and spend time on. It’s time to stop sharing the “trendy” negative posts/comments thinking that they’re funny & relatable. We’re choosing to often ‘relate’ because it’s funny… but a negative and harmful kind of funny — it’s actually ~not cool~ //

#TakeYourPowerBack2020 – Removing yourself from situations that do not serve you, make you question your worth, or force you to shift you from a direction you’re trying to lead yourself. Stop looking for things in people you know you won’t find. [ Let go of hanging around people that dislike the things that you l o v e about yourself]. You need to know who you are for you, because everyone else will know a you that they’ll create for them. — They’re opinion of you isn’t your business; YOUR opinion of you is. And it NEEDS to be a positive one. ✨ YOU are powerful. You are in control. You deserve it all. 

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