Your followers are just following your story, don’t let them write it for you. 

REMEMBER WHEN we used to do things to better ourselves and because we wanted to… not because you wanted to post to all of your “followers” about how hard you tried to take a staged picture and get likes from people who half the time don’t even care about your well being or know anything about you?

When we could go somewhere and actually have conversations without staring at some type of technology every two minutes? Or take a picture of our every move just to document that were out socializing with all our friends rather than laying in bed all lonely?

Remember when peoples personality mattered more than how many likes they get on their pictures? Or how about when we got home from school and we knew we wouldn’t talk to any of our friends until we got back until school? The drama was only between email or our house phone. But who would even call your house phone because there was always a 80% chance your mom or dad would pick up because there wasn’t caller ID then. But now you feel obligated to let people follow your entire life on social media, even if you’ve made eye contact with them that one time when you were walking to class. We feel obligated to answer right away because if we don’t, we’re being rude, or it’s obvious that we read the message and just aren’t responding, no matter what the reason.

WE FORGET it’s our life and we get to choose who we let it in. It’s up to you to let everyone you’ve ever seen follow your day to day stops and locations. You’re leaving room for people to talk, even if they barely know you. People will talk either way so why give them more leverage. Why let people act like they know what’s going on in your life, when they know the slightest thing? What you post on your social sites it’s the smallest percentage of who you actually are as a person. Yet, if you never or rarely talk to all of your followers, that’s all they have to go off of when joining in to conversations about you, or even starting a conversation with someone whether it’s face to face or a screenshot.

We’re forgetting to full live for ourself, our own happiness and not to impress other people. We need to stop comparing ourselves to other people and start comparing ourselves to who we were before we let these social sites consume us. Be a better you for you, your family, your friends. Your followers are just following your story, don’t let them write it for you. 

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