Women. – “painting, mowing, supporting, providing.”

I wrote my college essay about the work ethic in the women in my family, “painting, mowing, supporting, providing.” The men in my family weren’t always around and gender roles didn’t matter. My mom, my grandmother, my aunt… just saw what needed to get done and always did it. I’ve been surrounded by strong ass confident hardworking women growing up, and I wouldn’t be half the person I am without the women in my family & the women I’m fortunate enough to continue to surround myself with. I

Their work ethic  has always been so present in my life, and it’s always been a strong motivator for me. Girls kick ass, and together we can build each other up and empower one another and IT’S SO FREAKIN EXCITING. #GirlPower #WomenSupportWomen

**college essay not provided because I don’t need you judging if it was deserving enough to get into a University LOL**


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