Actively trying to not adapt to the energy in the room, but to influence the energy in the room.

“Faking it til you make it is the great flaw of this generation. Please don’t do it. Please stop listening to anybody but yourself. Please eliminate negativity from your life. Because if you want to really win it is absolutely by enforcing positivity. So get real quiet. Get real selective about who you’re spending time with. And most of all. Speak the truth. Do the right thing. Kindness is cool. Truth is cool. Don’t act like you’ve made it. Talk about the journey of trying to make it.” – Gary Vee

Thoughts on ‘fake it til you make it’…???  Everyone says it and it makes me absolutely insane. If I have to fake anything, I don’t want to do it/ be a part of it/ anything.

Every day is a challenge. For you. For me. For everyone. I’ve been actively trying to not adapt to the energy in the room, but to influence the energy in the room.  A few nice words can help a person more than you think. Non-verbals are so important also – – – say hi to strangers. It’s free to be nice. Smiling is cool. Laugh. Show positive emotion.

We continue to grow, staying outside of comfort zones & remaining true to ourselves. Not because we’re faking anything. But because we’re being us and making it to wherever we’re meant to be without losing the rush of the journey along the way.


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