You decide.

I had the opportunity to speak to our new 2019-2020 HYGYAP (Hartford Yard Goats Young Ambassador Program) students last night on self image & social media!

We talked about their use, productivity & frequency with social media, and in detail of how my social use switched from college, directly post college, to now. The thought of managing & creating social content for various platforms isn’t always a job that people think of when they’re in high school, or a skill that people may realize they have.

BUT, that’s how I landed my job today, based on my previous personal & professional social media posts. The more we talk about experiences, struggles & strengths, the closer we all can get to working a “job” that doesn’t feel like work.

Social Media can be used for:

– fun fun fun
– work / werk
– staying connected
– passively scrolling
– positive self-expression
– actively scrolling
– building a strong brand
– creating an identity

You decide.

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